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Having difficulties with your locks? Please read below on how to handle these situations and how our services could help.

Should I get electronic locks at home?

There are many types of electronic locks in the market today. They're easy to use and provide security. Though, if you have never used them before, our experts would recommend electronic lock installation on one door first to see if it suits you at all.

When is it vital to change keys?

Key change is crucial when you practically need to be sure that no one else has your keys. It will require lock rekey. It's vital when you move to a new house, when your ex moves out or when the keys are lost or stolen.

How does an electronic lock work?

When you enter the correct access code using the keypad, the signal is transferred to a motor which retrieves the bolt. The door is unlocked and you can open it.

Should I have the office locks rekeyed if an employee has left?

This is a reliable security measure. When you opt for rekeying, you need to get a sufficient number of new keys for all employees who will be using the locks. It is worth noting that you will not have to go through this process with electronic locks. You will just need to change the access code of the employee who has left.

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