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Solving Car Key and Ignition Problems

Solving Car Key and Ignition Problems
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Issues with the vehicle locks including the ignition and keys are not particularly uncommon, and when they arise, they could be quite serious. The important thing is to take action timely. Find out what you need to do to get things back to normal.

Troubleshooting the Transponder Key

Are you having a hard time pushing the buttons? Check if there is dirt around them. You can remove dirt accumulations using a toothpick. Don’t use any metal tools even though they may be sharper. If the problem continues, you should get the key repaired. Don’t put up with the problem for too long as the key may fail completely at one point. In this case, you can get locked out of your car.

It is important to pay close attention to the shank, the metal part of the key. Inspect it on a regular basis and watch out for rust, wearing, chipping and bigger scratches. Place the shank next to the straight edge of a desk or a table to see if it is bent. In that is the case, the key should be fixed or replaced right away.

Solution for a Lost Car Key

The solution to this problem involves the safe opening of the door with the help of a specially designed technique. Ignition rekey is the best thing to do to ensure that no one will be able to start the car and steal it with the help of the missing key. In this case, you will receive a new set of keys to work with the ignition. To avoid key loss, designate a special place for keeping the key, such as a bagcompartment, and use a key chain which easily grabs the attention.

When Ignition Repair Is Required

When inserting and/or turning the car key inside the ignition stops being easy, it means it is time for a repair, as soon as possible. If the ignition is blocked, it should be cleaned and lubricated. If it is damaged, it should be fixed. In case of extensive damage or complete failure, replacement is the only solution. In some cases, the problem could be with the ignition key. It could be bent or damaged and cause the lock to malfunction. With the repair or replacement of the key, you will have a smoothly starting car once again.

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